load surveys & power quality analysis

Do you have problems with electrical distribution expansion? Utility surcharges? Unexplainable equipment failures? Unplanned outages? Prime can help.

Contact us for such temporary or permanently installed monitoring applications as:

  1. Demand metering
    1. Monitor loading to determine feasibility of facility growth
  2. Power/energy data
    1. Energy trending and target areas of facility load improvements
    2. Power factor correction
  3. Power Quality
    1. Steady state
    2. Variations
      i.     Sags
      ii.     Swells
      iii.     Imbalances
    1. Harmonic profile: Detect harmful conditions that may be present because of non-linear loads within your facility.
  1. Transient Recording
    1. Utilizing industry leading recording meters, Prime Engineering can store all electrical waveforms continuously with no gaps in the data. This capability simplifies device configuration so no transient conditions are missed.
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