partial discharge testing

Studies conducted by various international agencies have concluded breakdown of the dielectric insulation systems is the number one cause of electrical failures for medium and high voltage equipment. Pending failure of these systems often goes undetected by simply employing tradition testing and inspection methods.

Utilizing industry leading online monitoring equipment, Prime can analyze your high and medium voltage assets while they remain in-service feeding critical loads. Benefits experienced by our customers who utilize this service have been:

  • Predictive
    • Equipment failures can be prevented.
  • No Outage Necessary
    • Does not interrupt operations.
  • Non-Destructive
    • Elevated test voltages from external test sources that could be damaging are not required.
    • Readings are taken at the system voltage and frequency with the equipment in service. This removes any doubt or interpretation that can be experienced with other offline testing methods.
  • Trending
    • Quickly compare to previous readings. If PD is detected, ongoing monitoring is possible to help determine the severity and action required.
  • Prioritize Offline Maintenance:
    • Informed decisions can be made to prioritize offline maintenance and inspections and which equipment should be serviced or inspected first.
  • Planning
    • Allows time and to schedule replacement or repairs.
  • Financial Control
    • Repairs can be budgeted. Repairs required when equipment fails are exponentially more disruptive and expensive.
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