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Prime is proud to manufacture and supply electrical switchgear. We utilize and integrate only the highest quality equipment into our designs. Our product meets applicable CSA equipment standards. We have the ability to build custom electrical switchgear adhering to North American standards; however we also have a number of standard product lines including:

metal enclosed air insulated switchgear

Prime has developed a number of indoor and outdoor air insulated medium voltage switchgear solutions. Our MVAIR product line includes utility incoming cable compartments, fused load break switch and breaker compartments, as well as outgoing cable compartments all in a compact and cost-effective solution.
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arc resistant metal-clad switchgear

Arc Resistant Metal-Clad Switchgear consisting of magnetically actuated breakers for enhanced reliability over mechanically operated breakers.

Major advantages include: No charging motors as the breakers are magnetically actuated, maintenance free breaker design, and optional racking motor, so no operator needs to stand in front of the gear. Prime can supply the system with a timer in the circuit for delayed operations, so the operator can leave the front of the breaker while it racks itself off the bus, or back into the bus stabs.

point on wave energy reducing switchgear

Prime has developed a specialized lineup of point on wave energy reducing power switchgear.

This patented switchgear product eliminates transformer inrush current and allows transformer energization without adverse effects to the distribution system.

The power switchgear contains a multitude of innovative features and improvements over typical designs:

  • Provides lower Arc Flash incident energy levels and improved personnel safety
  • Allows the connection of larger transformers to the distribution system
  • Eliminates severe system disturbances and voltage dips from transformer energization
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Provides circuit breaker monitoring and event reporting
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service entrance dead front VFI switchgear

Prime offers a unique all-in-one 15kV and 25kV class pad mount dead front switchgear product consisting of a single cell with all the following features (half the size of equivalent metal enclosed switchgear):

  1. Service Entrance equipment cell with dead front connectors
  2. Visible disconnect switch with open, closed and grounded positions
  3. Resettable vacuum fault interrupter
  4. Built-in, self-powered protection relay powered from in-line current transformers consisting of both phase and ground fault protection
  5. E200 dielectric fluid with high fire point suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications

GRIDX metal-clad switchgear

Prime has launched our GRIDX lineup of advanced Metal-clad switchgear. In addition to the features standard of typical Metal-clad switchgear designed to CSA C22.2 No.31 the new GRIDX lineup also consists of the following features:

  • Compact: 32” wide at 25kV.
  • Two-high breaker option to optimize overall footprint.
  • Dual PT drawers option for line and load voltage monitoring.
  • OPTIC model that incorporates electronic current and voltage sensors that are compact, lightweight and not susceptible to saturation. Integrated cables and connectors on the sensors avoids wiring and polarity issues. OPTIC model comes complete with digital protection relaying with IEC 61850 compatibility.
  • POWER model that mitigates transformer inrush current. With two-high breaker configuration of the POWER model option transformer inrush current can be completely eliminated. This patented design also helps to lower Arc Flash incident energy levels by allowing tighter protection settings.
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padmount primary metering cabinet

Outdoor weatherproof dead front air insulated padmount primary metering cabinet built to CSA standard C22.2 No.31.

The Prime padmount primary metering cabinet is constructed from powdercoated marine grade 5052 H32 aluminum to withstand the elements.
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