ir scanning

pinpoint problems

Infrared scanning can find problems fast. We monitor and diagnose the condition of electrical system components to detect and address problem areas before the delivery of power is interrupted. Crisp thermal images are clearly displayed in the final report we produce.
Prime's technicians use portable infrared cameras to scan your low and high voltage systems, capturing temperature differences in colourful images.

precision scanning

Infrared scanning can detect:

  • loose or corroded connections
  • overloaded circuits and transformers
  • current imbalances between phases
  • defective fuses
  • mismatched overloads and faulty contacts inside a circuit breaker
  • chemical contamination
  • faulty assemblies
  • wear and loss from building due to insulation problems
Scans are usually completed within a day and are performed while equipment is running, requiring no down time. You'll receive a thorough report with infrared photos showing any problems, their severity and recommended actions.

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